Strengths And Weaknesses Of Lawyers And In-House Counsels In Negotiation

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Lawyers And In-House Counsels In Negotiation

The Indonesian Mediation Center and presents:

Lawyers as Negotiators: The Good News – The Bad News
Date: Thursday, 15 September 2016
Time: 09.30 – 16.30
Place: HARRIS Hotel Tebet Jl. Dr. Saharjo 191, JAKARTA
Early bird until 2 September 2016

Subscriber : IDR 2,530,000 Non-Subscriber : IDR 3,080,000 – Early bird until 2 September 2016 : IDR 2,860,000.

Lawyers are seen by clients as having expertise both in the law but also in the process of negotiation. This is because most disputes and conflicts are resolved by negotiation rather than before a judge or in a court.
However, the standard legal education places great emphasis on the rules for litigation rather than negotiation. This failure of our law Schools to emphasise the importance of negotiation is one that occurs in every country. The result is that the lawyers’ skill level in this crucial area of practice is variable with most lawyers assuming that negotiation is the same as haggling when it really is the opposite and requires a high level of expertise for the benefit of the clients’ interests and goals.
With the recent emphasis on early resolution of disputes there is an increasing emphasis by many courts on “good faith” negotiation and a move in many countries to hold commercial negotiators to account for negligent negotiation practices with liability being extended to the lawyers and employers of the negligent negotiating party.

This workshop will outline the growth of legal remedies against those who claim but fail to deliver competent negotiation skills.
The programme will also identify common mistakes of lawyers as negotiators.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Negotiation?
  • Negotiation in Commercial Disputes: Sharing of Experience in Indonesia
  • Power of Negotiation in Handling Commercial Disputes
  • Understanding Different Behaviors and Tactics in Negotiation
  • The Pitfalls in Negotiation: Things to Avoid
  • and other related topics.

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Our Speakers:
Patrick Cavanagh, LLB, LLM Senior Advisor PMN
Patrick, Assoc. Professor of Law (Adjunct) University of Queensland, responsible for teaching and certification of Advanced Commercial Negotiation Strategies with Certification and Accreditation, and Corporate and Commercial Mediation Programmes as well as Australian Accreditation to public and private commercial sector in Australia and off shore. Involved in various programme, including the UNDP Judicial Mediation, the Jakarta Initiative Task Force (JITF) by USAID/World Bank also as Specialist Mediation Advisor to Government of Indonesia. Involved as either a mediator/administrator in over 500 mediations, involving commercial disputes throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

Raymond Lee, BSc., FCCA. Senior Advisor PMN
Raymond is retained by the World Bank Group as a Regional Mediator for the East Asia Pacific region providing work-place dispute resolution through mediation, facilitation and training. Raymond is fluent in English and Indonesian and has more than thirty years experience in business as CFO and CEO of a property company, CFO of an architectural and engineering consultancy, director of a mineral exploration company, lecturer in risk management and debt restructuring.

A. Fahmi Shahab, SE, MBL, Executive Director PMN
Fahmi Shahab is the Executive Director of Pusat Mediasi Nasional (PMN)/the Indonesian Mediation Centre where he is responsible for its day-to-day operations. As a practising Mediator, Fahmi is actively engaged in mediating contractual, commercial and family disputes. He also coordinates training and coaching for judges and non-judges in collaboration with the Supreme Court’s pilot project for Court-Annexed Mediation and at the Supreme Court’s Training Centre. Fahmi represents PMN as one of the founding members of the Asian Mediation Association.


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