BIAMC’s 1-Day ISDS Seminar 13 September 2018

BIAMC’s 1-Day ISDS Seminar 13 September 2018

FACT: While the push for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) continues to grow, disputes between investors and foreign countries have required adjudication for as long as there has been cross- border investment. When matters go wrong, a neutral dispute mechanism is important.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is an impartial international arbitration procedure specifically designed to protect foreign investors seeking to redress injury by providing an  impartial, law-based approach to resolve investment disputes.

In fact, investment arbitration and the use of ISDS have expanded drastically in the past decade.

Various forms of ISDS are now a part of over 3,000 trade agreements worldwide. As the number of investment agreements has risen, the cases brought to international dispute settlement have  become increasingly complex too, encompassing multiple contracts with multiple parties and issues.

Are you a government official responsible for negotiations of investment treaties, an attorney frequently involved in representing a state or an investor in international dispute resolution proceedings, a member of in-house counsel, an international arbitrator aspiring to add or improve expertise in investment arbitration, a civil servant in state investment™s policies, a professor or student looking to increase real-time knowledge, or an investor aiming to understand ISDS further?

If so, BIAMC™s 1-Day ISDS Seminar is ideal for you! At BIAMC, we merge practical, comprehensive curriculum with unparalleled instruction from top foreign and domestic experts currently working in ISDS.

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